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100% of Net Profits Go to Help Our Veterans in Need 

As a combat Veteran of the Vietnam War Erick Kasner and our organization understand (first hand witnessed by Erick during and after service in Vietnam) the sacrifices that every Veteran made. Whether it is loss of life, limb, or even sanity, many of our Veterans often struggle with day to day activities. Let's not ignore the effects of exposures to agent orange.


Because of our deep connection and passion for our fellow brothers and sisters veterans, we are donating 100% of the net profits from this song (and upcoming eBooks) to help those that are in need.

From affordable housing and employment to mental and physical health care, Veterans fight an uphill battle every single day. We truly hope that our effort and your contributions can make that battle a little bit easier for as many Veterans and their families as possible. 

From the bottom of our hearts, and all those involved in this project we thank ALL our veterans for their selfless service regardless how and where they served and you contributors to this cause for action!     

GOD Bless You All!


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