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A Tribute to Our Military Veterans

Ladies and Gentleman - We are proud to announce that "With No Regret" by Erick Kasner is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and YouTube.

Proceeds from the song in part (see below) will go to help our veterans In need.


Dear Friends and Family As you are or should be aware, I’m stalwartly devoted in supporting our needy veterans; from disabled, homeless to wounded heroes (not in affiliation with Wounded Warriors Project). Moreover, I’m faithful in recognizing all our veterans, no matter how they served, in peacetime or war, in that:

…All Gave Some and Some Gave All…

We don’t know them all, but we owe them all!

I trust that you are aware that there are a number of patriotic songs, but none paying homage to our veterans.  My song, With No Regret, co-written with Guy Segroves of Wild Rose, pays such respect and tribute. So does my website This song will surely defy the test of time. It should be noted that 25% of the proceeds from this song go to our needy veterans, I can promise you that and so does the website. The song is also available to view and listen to on other social media outlets like Facebook, iTunes, Apple Music, Twitter, etc.

To maximize the benefit of exposure, thus revenues to help our veterans in need, the best thing is to have the video go viral on YouTube by maximizing visitors and shares of the video. Once we reach a viral state, we can monetize the channel and collect further revenue to help our cause. Please download the song to your computer or mobile device, watch the video on YouTube and share on as many platforms as you can.

Thank you -

Erick Kasner - With No Regret

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