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As we watch news and History channels on this 75th anniversary of the invasion by Allied forces in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944, that being a very critical day which had set the stage for liberating Western Europe from the Nazis in WWII.

This very significant day in our American history, though 75 years ago, should be known and remembered by everyone in this Country and Western Europe. But, such is not the case and I am totally blown away with the ignorance that I witnessed jusr recently.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the key news channels ran a survey on the streets of New York City on individuals between the ages of roughly 18 to 45. The questions were asked by a newsman to walking public picked at random,

One of the questions asked was when was D-Day? No one could give the dcorrect answer, not even close. Twenty (20) individuals were sampled. Keep in mind at random.

Another question was asked of roughly 20 other individuals between the ages given above. Who were the Allies that landed on Normandy that day? Three of the roughly 20 gave at least two right answers. Significantly many left out the United States and provided off the wall countries.

Another key question was, who did we fight in WWII? Most answered, the French, the Russians, the North Koreans, Poland, New Zealand, etc. Two of the twenty answered Germany. I just sat there dumbfounded!

As the years tick on, there will be fewer and fewer first-hand witnesses to this battle. Though I’m a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, nothing compares to the brave men that stormed those beaches that gruesome day. And, as the last of them dies, how will we honor them?That day, and possibly the impact on us and the world will just be forgotten in the shadows of the Korean War!

Though there is an excellent WWII museum in New Orleans, not everyone can get there. As such it is the responsibility of parents to children, grandparents to grandkids, but most of all our schools, must take the responsibility, at all levels through high school to make sure that D-Day and WWII lives in honor and respect to those who gave it all and our Country.

You coments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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