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Have you ever thought about the legacy our veterans have left to their family, their community and the world.

Webster's Dictionary defines "legacy" as "something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past". Contrary to most thinking, legacy is not passing wealth from one to another, in as much as material wealth is only a small fraction of ones legacy. Legacy it is about offerING one self to making a meanigful and lasting contribution to society and humanity by serving a cause much greater than their own.

Moreover, legacy is not an entity or something static, but rather an ongoing and dynamic activity, that is, what one does between here and eternity. Creating ones legacy is a pathway into a deep sense of significance, resulting in a ripple effect that positively or negatively impacts society and the world. As for example the legacies left behind by Einstein versus Hitler.

Veterans have, through their sacrifices, during war and peacetime protected our Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. No greater pillar of legacy in that, they served and "some gave all" to a cause greater than their own. No judge or lawyer can stake this claim, only our military veterans.

Throughout this nation's history, our veterans put their dreams and lives on hold to protect our freedom and our flag and the freedom of the rest of the world.

When war occurs, many of our veterans feared the consequences, yet, answered the call of duty and rose up to fight as warranted. As the lyrics to my song, With No Regret state, in part veterans we gave so much, risked our lives without compromise. And, because of us, we all must agree, our Nation stands, Proud and Free... and let us not forget the nations of western Europe, Kuwait, Granada, South Korea, etc., etc.

Our military veterans have shaped our policy on foreign affairs, and made the United States an advocate for democracy and justice throughout the world. Not only do they protect our rights and freedoms, our military veterans also provide medical aid, food, and water to disaster areas of the world to a level no other country in the world can even match.

Many endured hunger, pain and stress yet still fought with a purpose - willing to give the ultimate sacrifice so that their children and grandchildren can live in freedom like no other country in the world. Legacy at its best informative and insighful.

With the upcoming Memorial Day, let's think past the shopping and barbeques to honor and preserve the legacy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice and make sure to give them a moment of silence at 3 PM on Memorial Day as enacted by Congress.

While at it, please help us help our veterans in need by visiting our website

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