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The Impact Of Our Veterans On Our Nation, And Their Quandaries

Although the currently living military veterans in our country make up only about 6.7% of the United States population, their impact on our nation (and the world) is unlike any other cross section of our population or any other nation of the world. Yet they face significant quandaries as noted below.

Veterans are the pillars of our country. Without them there would be no United States Of America. There would be no Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness as we enjoy, and sadly take for granted.

Veterans have, through their sacrifices, during war and peacetime protected our Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. No judge or lawyer can stake this clain, only our military veterans.

Throughout this nation's history, our veterans put their dreams and lives on hold to protect our freedom and our flag and the freedom of the rest of the world.

When war occurs, many of our veterans feared the consequences, yet, answered the call of duty and rose up to fight as warranted. As the lyrics to my song, With No Regret states, in parts veterans we gave so much, risked our lives without compromise. And, because of us, we all must agree, our Nation stands, Proud and Free... and let us not forget the nations of western Europe, Kuwait, Granada, etc.

Our military veterans have shaped our policy on foreign affairs, and made the United States an advocate for democracy and justice throughout the world. Not only do they protect our rights and freedoms, our military veterans also provide medical aid, food, and water to disaster areas of the world to a level no other country in the world can even match.

Many endured hunger, pain and stress yet still fought with a purpose - willing to give the ultimate sacrifice so that their children and grandchildren can live in freedom.

Here are some important statistics:

Unemployment rate of those of employable age is 6.8% compared to less than 4% in national average.

Veterans make up 12% of the adult homeless population. 10% of these are women, including many with children. From 2016 to 2017, the number of homeless female veterans increased by 7 percent, compared with 1 percent for their male counterparts.

1 out of 4 Vietnam Veterans (served in country) are homeless.

70% of veterans suffer from substance abuse.

50% experience mental health issues such as PTSD, which makes it very difficult to maintain a relationship or hold a job.

A significant number of homeless veterans end up living on the streets for 8 to 9 times their deployment.

hroughThe money that is being collected through this website through the song and the eBook(s) as noted, is going to help our veterans in need as stated and promised with the main purpose to honor our veterans and reduce the above statistics to the level of nill.

So please help us to help our veterans in need as noted in Please visit the website.

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